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#1 2006-11-29 03:23:42

From: The Internet
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Ahead of the Game

The coming of age and training of a teen boy who leads a group into battle with an ancient enemy. Jeff and everyone around him think he is a normal teen-aged boy until the gift of the Oberon ring. He then begins his quest of honing his new found abilities and becoming the leader of a great band of warriors.

Winner - 2002 Golden Clitoride for Best Mind Control Story

Please read and comment.



#2 2006-12-05 05:36:57

From: London, Ontario, Canada
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Re: Ahead of the Game

great noval enjoyed it emnsly though i should have read it before camp rons jurney

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#3 2006-12-15 16:11:45

Registered: 2006-12-10
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Re: Ahead of the Game

I read this a while ago and I really enjoyed it. If anyone is seeinf it for the firsttime, it is definitely worth reading.

(posted from Chapter 21)



#4 2006-12-31 18:28:00

From: East Texas
Registered: 2006-12-08
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Re: Ahead of the Game

Ya know... I really liked this story..except that I think that if I was jeff...I would have used the psionic powers more..I mean practice trying to do things that my teacher didn't show me...but it seemed like he just forgot about them...that is my only complaint.... Otherwise I think it was very well written and entertaining enough that I didn't set it down until I was finished with it at chapter 21

Thank you for you time and energy




#5 2007-03-07 12:11:44

Yellow Snow
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Re: Ahead of the Game

Thanks folks. As you can see, I am finally back online. Thanks to Net Wolf I have found a place to kick back and feel at home. Thanks bro.

Night Wolf

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#6 2007-03-07 23:42:38

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Re: Ahead of the Game

i just finished re-reading this for the third time a few days ago still as good as always

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#7 2008-02-16 10:56:34

Registered: 2008-02-16
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Re: Ahead of the Game

Hi Night Wolf,
Read your story Ahead of the Game a while ago.
It was a good read.  Thanks for writing it.



#8 2009-04-15 07:14:29

Registered: 2007-07-15
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Re: Ahead of the Game

First of all, WOW!
Excelent story.
I read this compleately from start to finish in one sitting, and I don't do that very often.
I do have one piece of constructive critisizm.  At the begining of the story, Jeff was haunted by nightmares of a battle that was yet to come.  In those battles, it felt as if he were going to be leading a whole army.  To quote from the begining of chapter 1:
"As he climbed into the shower he couldn't help but think back to the dream he had the night before. In it he saw ruins of cities with bodies strewn around."
"Holy shit, Detroit too? That's the sixth city already," he cried out as he woke up in a cold sweat."
Why was this plot line put into place if it was not a premonition?
All in all, I rate this story to be among the best I have ever read.  Right up there with Camp:  Ron's Journey
Thanks for shareing your tallent with the public.

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#9 2012-03-13 14:09:33

Registered: 2011-05-24
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Re: Ahead of the Game

I must say I really enjoyed reading this.

(posted from Chapter 21)

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#10 2020-01-30 19:04:35

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Re: Ahead of the Game

Read this many years ago. Why cant I find it on the site?

Would love to read it again.

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