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Submissions in the last 7 days

Cabal, by lachiel.vaher
Rated XXX
Action, Fantasy, Historical, Horror
first, inc, mc, nc, pedo, rape, reluc, rom, teen, viol, young, 3+, MF, fF, fM, ff, gF, gM, gf, gg
Total # of Downloads: ,1,949
Median Downloads Per Unit: 289
Date Last Updated: 2019-01-21
Status: Serial / Novel - In Progress
Latest Unit Posted: Surrogate Serum
Deals and Prices to Pay
Desires and Regrets
Gods Wrath
The Long Road Home
Easy Rider
Devine Will
Surrogate Serum

Mark Cabal is on a mission to save his eleven-year-old daughter Heather's life, having exhausted all normal means at his disposal, desperate he turns to a mysterious stranger for aid, but what will it cost him?

This story will contain elements of Magic, MC, Inc, MF, Mf, Mg, and various combinations.

Chapter 3 Advisory Warning

Reader beware, CH3: God's Wrath contains some dark material. From violence and sex...

My Daughter's BFF, by MDH1969
Rated XX
Drama, Romance
young, gM
Total # of Downloads: 215
Median Downloads Per Unit: 107
Date Last Updated: 2019-01-21
Status: Serial / Novel - In Progress
Latest Unit Posted: Chapter 2
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

When Michael's daughter's BFF starts to flirt he is shocked by his reaction. It leads him down a path he never thought he would travel.

Trevors Bliss, by lachiel.vaher
Rated XXX
Action, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction
inc, mc, reluc, teen, young, MF, fF, fM, gM
Total # of Downloads: 224
Median Downloads Per Unit: 224
Date Last Updated: 2019-01-21
Status: Serial / Novel - Abandoned
Latest Unit Posted: Shrapnel

This story takes place in the same Universe as Cabal. this will be a short story.

I currently have one chapter written, and three more planned,

Much more than expected
Pam learns a lesson
Schooling Buno

This story started out as just a teaser of things to come in the Cabal saga, but sort of took on a life of it's own.

Alpha, by James Marcus
Rated XXX
first, inc, mc, pedo, rape, reluc, rom, teen, voy, young, 3+, FF, MF, fF, fM, ff, gF, gM, gf, gg, gm, mf
Total # of Downloads: 160
Median Downloads Per Unit: 160
Date Last Updated: 2019-01-19
Status: Serial / Novel - In Progress
Latest Unit Posted: Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Adam discovers he is one of the worlds Alpha males and all that comes with it, to include an enjoyment of young girls, especially his own daughters.

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