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Submissions in the last 7 days

Potential, by bistander
Rated X
Action, Drama, Non-Fiction
beast, inc, teen, ff, mF, mf
Total # of Downloads: ,97,515
Median Downloads Per Unit: ,2,672
Date Last Updated: 2021-01-14
Status: Serial / Novel - In Progress
Latest Unit Posted: Potential Chapter 36: Pandora\
Chapter 1: The Pantie Fetish
Chapter 2: The Big Secret in Bubble-Butt Heaven
Chapter 3 Evil Secrets in the Girls Club
Chapter 4: Its Dangerous to Squeeze the Charmin
Chapter 5 Youve got the Devil Inside
Chapter 6: Transference Whats that?
Chapter 7: Summer Lawn Job
Chapter 8: Ground Hog Day
Chapter 9: A Force to be Reckoned With
Chapter 10: Sweet Almond Massage
Chapter 11: Lines are Drawn to be Crossed
Chapter 12: What is Plan B?
Chapter 13: 1666 Beaver Dam Road
Chapter 14: Full Circle
Chapter 15: Close Shaves
Chapter 16: Nothing to Prove
Chapter 17: The Truth Will Set You Free
Chapter 18: Correct and Protect
Chapter 19: Willpower
Chapter 20: Mothers Know
Chapter 21: Envy or Jealousy
Chapter 22: Sisters
Chapter 23: Who is in Control
Chapter 24: A Trifecta
Chapter 25: Theres Something About Her
Chapter 26: Its Just a Sunday Drive
Chapter 27: An Ultimate Threesome
Chapter 28: When Time Stands Still
Chapter 29: Under the Same Roof
Potential Chapter 30: Playing With Fire
Potential Chapter 31: Mirror Mirror
Potential Chapter 32: Sick as Their Secrets
Potential Chapter 33: Photograph
Potential Chapter 34: A Great Idea
Potential Chapter 35: The Game
Potential Chapter 36: Pandora\

A teenage boy's normal struggles with growing up are complicated by his porn brain and pantie fetish, or at least that's what he thinks. There might be more to the story.

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