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Submissions in the last 7 days

Your Little Ladybug, by temporal_aberation
Rated PG
Drama, Poetry
Total # of Downloads: 8
Median Downloads Per Unit: 8
Date Last Updated: 2021-05-15
Status: Short Story
Chapter 1

So this kind of just happened… These are the lyrics to a song written by Madeline Graham, a character created for Altered. Madeline wrote them 6 years before that story takes place, through tear-filled eyes, during a period in her life where Madeline is trying to raise a five-year-old child prodigy while simultaneously coping with her own mother’s progressing early-onset Alzheimer’s.

I don’t know how or why a character I invented for a work of erotica got me...

Daddy Is He Hurting Her?, by mydarkside
Rated XXX
Drama, Romance
caution, inc, young, gM
Total # of Downloads: 616
Median Downloads Per Unit: 116
Date Last Updated: 2021-05-15
Status: Serial / Novel - In Progress
Latest Unit Posted: Chapter 05 : Making Movies
Chapter 01 : The Video
Chapter 02 : Oral
Chapter 03 : Wow! Amazing
Chapter 04 : You Wanted Rough Sex!
Chapter 05 : Making Movies

CAUTION: This story contains sexual encounters between adults and children.

Peter is discovered watching kiddie porn by his young daughter Amy. She wants to know more about what is going on. Peter is reluctant due to his barely suppressed predilections for young girls.