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Submissions in the last 7 days

Kimmy, My Cumslut, by DoomCock
Rated XXX
Fantasy, Romance
coer, first, inc, pedo, reluc, rom, solo, young, gM
Total # of Downloads: 234
Median Downloads Per Unit: 117
Date Last Updated: 2018-09-19
Status: Serial / Novel - In Progress
Latest Unit Posted: Kimmy's Velvetine Kitty
Kimmy's Coming Out
Kimmy's Velvetine Kitty

A snow storm keeps a young girl and her father stuck at home together. An innocent game becomes something more, and a dirty little secret that the girl has been keeping finally comes to light.

Note: This is a story I once released on, slightly modified, but already fully completed. I'll be releasing new chapters periodically, until all eight chapters are posted. This is the first story in a planned "universe" that will span many different ...

Failed attempt to upload, by lachiel.vaher
Rated XXX
ny, No pairs yet.
Total # of Downloads: 24
Median Downloads Per Unit: 24
Date Last Updated: 2018-09-18
Status: Serial / Novel - Abandoned
Latest Unit Posted: Deals and Prices to Pay
Deals and Prices to Pay

first attempt to upload got messed up... this story is reposted as "Cabal"

Cabal, by lachiel.vaher
Rated XXX
Action, Fantasy, Historical, Horror
first, inc, mc, nc, pedo, reluc, rom, teen, young, 3+, MF, fF, fM, ff, gF, gM, gf, gg
Total # of Downloads: 131
Median Downloads Per Unit: 65
Date Last Updated: 2018-09-18
Status: Serial / Novel - In Progress
Latest Unit Posted: Desires and Regrets
Deals and Prices to Pay
Desires and Regrets

Mark Cabal is on a mission to save his eleven-year-old daughter Heather's life, having exhausted all normal means at his disposal, desperate he turns to a mysterious stranger for aid, but what will it cost him?

This story will contain elements of Magic, MC, Inc, MF, Mf, Mg, and various combinations.

Just a Taste is all it Takes, by James Marcus
Rated XXX
coer, inc, mc, pedo, rape, reluc, rom, teen, viol, young, 3+, fF, gF, gg, gm, mF, mf
Total # of Downloads: ,24,326
Median Downloads Per Unit: ,1,406
Date Last Updated: 2018-09-13
Status: Serial / Novel - In Progress
Latest Unit Posted: Chapter 18: Lets Make Babies Pt. 1
Chapter 1: The Beginning
chapter 2: First Taste
chapter 3: Questions
chapter 4: Testing the Taste
chapter 5: A New Day
Chapter 6: Finding More Questions
chapter 7: Explanations and Plans
chapter 8: Tests and Temptations
chapter 9: Complications
chapter 10: Expectations
chapter 11: Acceptance
chapter 12: Master
chapter 13: Discoveries
chapter 14: Turning Point
chapter 15: Lust
chapter 16: Conclusions
Chapter 17: Answers
Chapter 18: Lets Make Babies Pt. 1

Andrew was a typical High School Student, he was not one of the nerdy types who A's came easily too, or one of the Jocks who sports came easily to, He was not a pretty boy who girls came easily too, He just was. One day during chemistry experiment his bimbo of a lab partner screws up and he is covered in chemicals. When he wakes up in the hospital, he has a very strange taste in his mouth. When he is released with a clean bill of health and his family comes to pick him up a...

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