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Submissions in the last 7 days

Sharing Sunny, by CreepyUnclePete
Rated XX
Drama, Romance
rom, scat, ws, young, 3+, MF, fF, fM, gF, gM
Total # of Downloads: 147
Median Downloads Per Unit: 73
Date Last Updated: 2023-01-23
Status: Serial / Novel - In Progress
Latest Unit Posted: Chapter 2
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

When her parents go to prison, a young girl is taken in by a judge, his wife, and their close friends. The cute little nymphomaniac is overjoyed they'll give her alcohol, cigarettes, and plenty of sex.

Lollibots, by CreepyUnclePete
Rated XX
Science Fiction
first, solo, teen, toys, ts, 3+, fA, fM, gM, mA
Total # of Downloads: 337
Median Downloads Per Unit: 25
Date Last Updated: 2023-01-22
Status: Serial / Novel - In Progress
Latest Unit Posted: Pedo Peter Prevers
Sex in Space has Consequences
All I Want for Christmas
Call Me Uncle Jerry
Extremely Safe Sex
Brynda Buys A Family
Pedo Peter Prevers

Lollibots and Lolliboys come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Other than having no body odor or menstrual periods, they are nearly indistinguishable from real people. They have taught many teens the joys of sex, saved and ruined many marriages, and even led to a few unfortunate deaths.

NOTE - in most areas of most inhabited worlds, there is no legal difference between screwing a cucumber, a hole in a melon, or a Lollibot, regardless of the 'bots size or appare...

A Brother Learns to Love, by Snake_eater1960
Rated X
Drama, Romance
first, inc, MF
Total # of Downloads: 52
Median Downloads Per Unit: 52
Date Last Updated: 2023-01-22
Status: Short Story
Chapter 1

Just a short fictional story about a guy with a fucked up life and how it just gets better and better as he learns to love.

Know Me, by Limnophile
Rated R
Drama, Romance
coer, inter, reluc, rom, MF, bg
Total # of Downloads: 45
Median Downloads Per Unit: 45
Date Last Updated: 2023-01-21
Status: Short Story
Chapter 1

Coming of age and a mostly true pre-teen romance in the '60s. Several words and phrases are purposefully incorrect revealing the mind of a young boy, as well as his parents' romantic and sexual issues. The ending is sticky sweet.