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Due to excessive spam, this board no longer allows automated registration. You can, however, still gain an account on this site. First, read the rules below, then, if you agree to the rules, follow the instructions that follow them to create a new account.

Forum rules

You must agree to the following in order to register

1. Respect those around you. Disrespectful behavior is the fastest way to bring one of the admins down on your head. If we really need to define "disrespectful" to you, then you don't belong here.

2. Try to keep your comments friendly. Remember, there are people behind those screen names. Before posting a comment, read it as if you were receiving the comment from someone else, not knowing what their intention was. If you don't like the tone that way, then please re-write it before posting.

3. Political conversation is restricted to the portion of the forum set aside for that kind of thing. Restrict your GOP-bashing, or your Dem-bashing, or your whatever-bashing, to that section. Posts and topics that have overtly political content outside the political zone will not be moved: they will be deleted.

4. Absolutely NO flaming of the contributors. The first offense will get you a warning. The second offense will get you banned for a week. The third offense will get you banned permanently.

5. Negative critique does not necessarily equal flaming. Just because someone says something negative about a story doesn't make it a flame, so long as it is done in a constructive and encouraging manner. Personal comments about a contributor, nasty, rude comments about an item that are not constructive, or completely negative posts with no encouragement to the author, are considered flames. Learn the difference. Any critique containing negative observations must follow the critiquing guide found on the main portion of the site.

6. If you have a problem with the website, either post it to the Website Issues area of the forum, or contact the administration. DO NOT bother the contributors, even if you think the problem is their doing. We will contact them if they need to fix something.

7. The admins have final say in all disputes. You may not like it, but we're the ones doing the work, so we get to make the final decisions on what happens here.


If you are willing to obey these rules and wish to register, please fill out the form below. It will be emailed to the admin, who will manually approve your account. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this is the only way we know of to stop the spammers. To demonstrate how well this is working, we haven't had a serious spam problem since November of 2011.

Please Note: DO NOT submit this form more than once in a 24-hour period. Doing so will cause the admin to completely ignore your registration attempt, as it makes clear that you have not, in fact, read this page. Once again, this is a manual registration process.

Also Note: If your registration message is in any language other than English, it will be rejected without reply. The only language used on this site is English, and if you cannot read and write in English, there is no point for you to be here.

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(Answer this question in such a way as to prove you know what the site you're registering on is about. Random sentences, getting cute, or generally not following this instruction will cause your registration to fail. HERE'S A HINT: "To Read" IS NOT SUFFICIENT. Please do not think I'm kidding: I deny about 1 in 3 registrations for not putting a proper message in this box.)


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