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Would you be interested in having stories in audio format? (More information in this forum thread) See Results

CHUJ See Results

As a teenager, which of these acts were your girlfriends (or you, if you're female) willing to do with a new partner first? (This is a story research question) See Results

Have you refused to make a donation here because PayPal is the only donation option? See Results

Do you think The Pub should be opened up to any author who wishes to post here? See Results

Which of the following contributors would you most like to see posting here? Clicking the name will take you to their site to see their work. See Results

What is the MAXIMUM AMOUNT you would pay for one of Eric Storm's books in hard cover? See Results

Which of Eric's books would you most like to see in hard cover? See Results

What is your view of using Javascript for basic site functions like navigation? See Results

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