New Authors and Artists

As of January, 2011, The Mystic Wolf Pub is now open to all new authors and artists who wish to join, and who have not been directly disqualified by the administration for previous behavior. (In other words, if you haven't ticked Eric off royally, you can post your work here.)


This site is open to all kinds of content: non-fiction, fiction, erotica, non-erotica, gay, straight, bi... The Pub does not believe in censorship, nor do we hold any value in "obscenity" laws. If the law cannot define, in concrete terms, what, precisely, is illegal, then it is, in our opinion, an unenforceable law, because the citizens can never know whether or not they're breaking it. Having said that, there are three things that are forbidden content here at The Pub:

These are the only content restrictions in force at The Pub. Though we personally find some other material objectionable, it's not our purpose, nor our place, to pick and choose which stories should be placed in front of the reader. The readers will decide whether or not they want to read the material.

In order to become a contributing author or artist, please follow these directions:

  1. If you aren't a site member already, Go to Website Registration and become a member of the site.
  2. Once your membership is activated (you'll get an email about that), Send an email to Eric Storm requesting that your author / artist account be activated.

When your account is activated, you'll receive further instructions from Eric about what you have to do before you can post a story or picture. (Don't worry, not much else to be done. Just some form-filling-out.)

Now, it needs to be made clear that becoming an author or artist on this site is not necessarily a "for life" deal. You can, of course, leave whenever you choose, just by letting Eric know you want your work pulled. There are, however, a few other ways that you can be removed from the site. They are as follows: