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Why Help?

Okay, let's not lie. The costs to keep this site up and running are about $120 a year or so. That's just $10 a month. But Eric Storm lives on disability, and can barely pay his bills, let alone afford an extra expense of keeping the site going.

More to the point, Eric puts in a lot of work on this site, and he hopes that, if you feel the site is worthwhile, you'll be willing to help him to make ends meet a little more comfortably. Large donations, while happily accepted, are not required. Even a few dollars can help out. Anywhere you see the donation button, you'll also see a graph that measures how close to the monthly donation goal the site is. Eric sets this goal based on his current expenses.

People who donate at least $6 will not have to see the ads on the website for the same number of months as dollars in their donation. They will also get added say when it comes time to add new contributors to the site (authors or artists, that is). Furthermore, those who donate will receive early access to Eric's story material (sometimes months ahead of the general public), and the chance to give feedback that could change the story. There will be other benefits to those who donate, as well.

Please, if you have the means, use the button below to donate to Eric via PayPal. You will have his gratitude, and you will help keep this site running.

Please Help.

Donation Chart
Monthly Donations Target: $700
Received This Month: $310

Please Note: A $6 minimum donation is required before special access is given as a thank-you gift.
(For more information, please click here.)

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to click the "Return to Merchant" link when you're done at PayPal. If you don't do so, The Pub will not be able to automatically log your donation and remove the ads from the site for you. Again, make sure that, when you're finished at PayPal, you click the "Return to Merchant" link, and get a result message from The Pub, so that you know your donation has been counted.

We would like to point out that donators will also have access to multiple file-types for download. Currently, they will have access to formatted txt and Palm files. Non-donators will still have access to HTML downloads.

We aren't just encouraging you to donate to Eric Storm, however. We have encouraged each contributor to provide a way for you to donate to them. If these were "professionals", you'd pay an arm and a leg before you could ever see their work. Here, we let you look all you want, and if you don't think it's worth paying for, then you never have to pay a cent. But c'mon, there's a lot of work that goes into the stuff on this site. Don't you think these authors and artists deserve a little compensation for all your enjoyment?

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