Woodward Academy, Year 8, The

(Serial / Novel - In Progress)

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Originally Posted on: 2018-11-11
Last Updated on: 2021-04-01
Genre(s): Action , Fantasy , Political Thriller
Code(s) Used: bd, caution, ds, inter, rom, viol
Pairings Used: MF
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Units in Item: 17
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War has come to Callamandia, and David Stroud is caught right in the middle of it. Conscripted to a scout company in the Callamandian Army, he is forced to leave his friends and family behind to go and face down the invading enemy from the north.

The problem for David isn't the Vrudenans, however. It might just be David himself. Can he control his dark side, or will he lose himself in the lust for vengeance on those who have caused him so much pain?