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#1 2019-08-28 04:33:45

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I noticed that the Calendar of Events for Book8 of Woodward Academy is completely blank.  I haven't checked ALL the other books, but the calendar for Book7 appears to be intact.  Also, the tile of the Y8 calendar is "The Woodward Academy, Year 1 Calendar of Events"  (Note: it says Year 1 instead of Year 8).

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#2 2019-08-28 04:47:33

Eric Storm
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Re: WAY8-calendar

Nuh-uh!  I just looked!


Goddamned Google Chrome is a complete and utter clusterfucked piece of shit of a browser.  What you didn't notice (or at least didn't mention) is that the calendar you saw also said Woodward Academy, Year 1.  I have NO FUCKING CLUE how Chrome saved a file that was completely different from what was in front of me when I told it to save the file... but it did.

I actually had to do a "show source", then copy and paste the source code into a file in order to get a working calendar.

I hate programmers who are idiots.

Eric Storm

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