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#1 2017-06-01 19:10:18

Eric Storm
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From: New Port Richey, FL
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May Donation Results... and a change

May Donation Goal: $600.00
Donations Received: $520.00

As you can see, we unfortunately did not reach our donation goal in May.  Despite that, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who was able to make a donation.  Those dollars were essential to our budget.  Thank you.

Now to the change:
Starting with June, the monthly donation goal is going up to $700/mo.  This is not an arbitrary change: two events have occurred that are requiring us to expend more money on a monthly basis.

First, our dog, Little Bit, went in for surgery today.  It was minor surgery, to remove a growth on the side of his face, also to have some teeth removed, and to look at his spine (he has a severe limp).  Because he was anesthetized, this was a very expensive procedure ($1000).

Second, as those of you following my other thread know, our air conditioner has been giving us trouble.  The truth is that it has reached the end of its life.  It has developed a leak in the heat transfer coil in the air handler.  This is a $2300 part, and the unit is out of warranty.  Plus, the thermostat has a broken button on it.  Due to the particular unit that my father had installed (this used to be his house), that thermostat's replacement would cost $700.  Given that the unit is already 12 years old, it makes sense to replace the unit, rather than keep racking up repair charges.  The new unit, however, is a $7500 expense that will be added to our debt load and necessary monthly payments.

(Before someone says it:  YES, we could get a unit cheaper than this - SLIGHTLY.  We had another contractor come out to give us an estimate, and their price was, in fact, $900 less.  However, the unit they wanted to install was less efficient (a single-stage, 15.5 SEER unit, versus the dual-stage, 17.5 SEER unit we'll be installing), they didn't include all of the same work in their bid, and putting in a < 17 SEER unit would cost us $400 in rebates from the electric company.  So, if you tack that onto their price, it's only a $500 difference, for a less capable unit.  Because we are both home all day long, it's not feasible to put in a unit that will have to either struggle to keep up with the midday heat, or one that will run up the electric bill doing it.)

The monthly payments for these things will, in fact, cost us more than the $100 increase in the donation goal, but we'll be trying to cut away as much frivolous expenditure as we can in order to compensate.  This is one of those times when I wish I had another way to make an income, but I have no real skills beyond putting ideas on "paper".

In any case, I just wanted to let you all know why the goal line was changing.  Please, if you can make a donation, do so.  Even the $6 donations help us immensely.

Eric Storm

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