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#1 2010-06-06 06:12:41

From: The Internet
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Please Help?

Please Help?

So I've decided to try and ask for help this way. Eric and I are kinda' hard put to even get enough food this month. We'll be fine and all, but we have to shell out about 400-500.00 for me to get my license and tags for the car (I have no idea why it's so damn bad in Florida). This has put us in a bind in a baaad way. Bit and Stormy have fleas. At this rate, Bit is getting a bath about once a week and Stormy, about every other week. It's not good for their skin, and with Stormy, it's not good for my skin! None of us like it. So if there's any way you could help, even in the smallest amount, we would greatly appreciate it. We need 92.00 for the 4 month supply of Advantage (20 lb for dog and 9+lb for cat) for the both. That's all we need. I'd be happy to trade and draw something/make something outta clay/or whatever for your donation. But in any case, thank you for looking.

Donate through the normal ways, through Paypal (through the Pub).

If other arrangements need to be made, let me know!



#2 2010-06-11 14:47:05

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Re: Please Help?

very short story, characters such as the dog and cat are not developed.

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#3 2010-06-11 18:40:52

Eric Storm
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Re: Please Help?

I'm trying to figure out if you're trying to be cute, or trying to be a smartass.  Your intent did not come across clearly.  This is why they invented emoticons.

Eric Storm

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#4 2010-06-11 22:48:29

Completely Blotto
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Re: Please Help?

I'll run with the smartass route. If you followed me seriously, you'd know of the fully developed characters. Stormy and Bit have developed well, all be it a lot more fat than I'd like, but in any case, there it is. Stormy has a bit more growing to do. 3dtongue

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