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#1 2019-02-11 14:08:06

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This Old House

This Old House

First the warning, this is a very edgy story.  It involved horror, violence, snuff, rape, sexual violence, death caused by sexual violence all involving children from the age of 10.  If this is upsetting or not to your liking don't read any further.  Saying that for those that might read on the synopsis is:

A group of children break into a supposedly haunted house on Halloween.  They expect to have fun, maybe feel a little fear.  What they find is terror, pain and death!  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.



#2 2019-02-11 14:11:22

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Re: This Old House

As I said this is the edgy horror story I was talking about.  Please take note of that warning I'm not kidding.  I sort of let every dark thought I might ever have had loose with this story.  All those things I would never do irl I put down in the story but all involving monsters.  However, if that is to your liking then enjoy.

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