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Originally Posted on: 2018-09-18
Last Updated on: 2019-01-21
Genre(s): Action , Fantasy , Historical , Horror
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Mark Cabal is on a mission to save his eleven-year-old daughter Heather's life, having exhausted all normal means at his disposal, desperate he turns to a mysterious stranger for aid, but what will it cost him?

This story will contain elements of Magic, MC, Inc, MF, Mf, Mg, and various combinations.

Chapter 3 Advisory Warning

Reader beware, CH3: God's Wrath contains some dark material. From violence and sexual abuse to seriously unflattering depictions of Christianity. It is not intended by the author to insinuate that there is 'Any' relationship between the fictional world presented in this story and the real world. Chapter 3 setups up some of the antagonistic forces that are to come into play within this fictional universe. In this story the demonic forces of Z are protagonistic, therefore the Devine and Angelic are rendered in their most "old testament fire and wrath sort of way" as are some but not all of their adherents.

Chapter 6 Advisory Warning.

Ok once again we have a Penelope POV chapter, and I feel compelled to once again offer a content warning. This chapter is the darkest thing I've written so far, it may be offensive to some, there is a rather violent rape, and casting of serious negative light on religion.

Again I wish to stress the following facts. in this story universe, the forces of "Good" are hardly that. Also, this chapter is very important both to the story and to the character whose POV it is.

I hope that you will read it and enjoy it for the fiction that it is, but if you are triggered by Violence, Rape, and... blasphemy... best skip it, Mark's story continues next.