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Originally Posted on: 2019-05-05
Last Updated on: 2019-08-13
Genre(s): Action , Fantasy , Romance
Code(s) Used: mc, nc, rape, solo, viol
Pairings Used: 3+, FF, MF
Total Downloads: 6113
Units in Item: 20
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The family raised him not to use his ability on those without the ability. The world isn't supposed to know the family exists. Or families. When he uses it to defend himself and is seen without knowing who it was, his world turns upside down on him.

She was trapped in a fear she found crippling for leaving the house. Her hopes might be realized if she finds someone who can alleviate the fear.

They grew close during college, then one of them disappeared. When she turns up again, it turns the world upside down for both of them.