Kimmy, My Cumslut

(Serial / Novel - In Progress)

Rated XXX
Originally Posted on: 2018-09-11
Last Updated on: 2018-10-27
Genre(s): Fantasy , Romance
Code(s) Used: coer, first, inc, pedo, reluc, rom, solo, young
Pairings Used: gM
Total Downloads: 1299
Units in Item: 6
Median Download Count: 185
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A snow storm keeps a young girl and her father stuck at home together. An innocent game becomes something more, and a dirty little secret that the girl has been keeping finally comes to light.

Note: This is a story I once released on, slightly modified, but already fully completed. I'll be releasing new chapters periodically, until all eight chapters are posted. This is the first story in a planned "universe" that will span many different stories and genres.

If the tags and description do not make it clear, this story is about a man and his young daughter. If this is not the type of story you like, please do not bother reading it and commenting how much you don't like it. This story is not for you.