Teaching Hubby's Mistress

(Serial / Novel - In Progress)

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Originally Posted on: 2022-11-17
Last Updated on: 2022-11-17
Genre(s): Drama , Romance
Code(s) Used: coer, first, rom, solo
Pairings Used: 3+, MF, fF, fM, mf
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This is the 25th story I'm posting to Wolfpub, meaning I've written 5 percent of the stories there. In this one, a jealous schoolteacher hires a hot airhead to seduce her husband and get him to stay. This story has a more measured pace than most of my other works. I think the hot and kinky second half more than makes up for the slow start. (If hiring a prostitute and making porn in chapter 1 is actually slow...?) Includes female domination, lesbian sex, alcohol, threesomes, smoking, cheating, and a lucky high school boy having a Hell of a great first time.