The Book

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The Book

The Book is about Bob's discovery of a notebook with some very special knowledge hidden in it. He learns how to read other people's minds.

Having been treated to a relationship without the kind of intimacy his desires hunger for, he uses the things he learns to control women.

As his sexual antics escalate, he uncovers a number of other people with mental powers. His encounters will lead to others who want to use the tools of mind control to alter society itself to their pleasure. Or to meet their greed. Or for other nefarious reasons.

Note: I am re-editing the original at this point. I am neither planning finish it or present any significant changes. Not sure just how I feel about it, still. There are a few very minor alterations and honestly, I'm not sure how much my writing style has changed. I will point out my writing is inconsistent, one of the consequences having other activities referred to in general as a life. I'll be uploading chapters as I revisit them, I'm in no hurry. You can always find the other finished parts of The Book elsewhere.

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