The Agreement

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2006-Oct-1 @ 1:23 AM
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Young, uppity SpaceCorps officer gets her comeuppance when she crash-lands with her captain on Persephone.

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2008-May-6 @ 7:05 AM
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This story seems like it would be easy to expand into a series of chapters. Hope you do, I like sci fi alot so I am very intrested in finding out what the aliens want with the eggs.

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2008-May-6 @ 7:07 AM
Eric Storm
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There was some talk way back when about turning this into a semi-humorous multi-chapter story, but with all the other things on my plate, it has no real priority.  Glad you enjoyed the story, though.


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2012-May-10 @ 12:26 PM
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Good story i liked the ending and if your wrote more to it i would defiantly read it


2015-Nov-20 @ 4:17 AM
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Sounds like she will be the survivor.


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