Jamie Adel and Lisa Saunders

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Oh wow so wonderful to find you two here!


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Jamie and Lisa
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Hi Sens, thanks for giving us the link. wink

Jamie and Lisa, slightly delusional, sexy, pseudonymous grandmothers and polyamorous lovers of George, Paul, Eva, Kristin, and Lillian. Operators of the "rather fictional" SBIAir on the Caribbean Island of St. Bibiana, and "even more fictional" Air Ark'nsas in the completely fictional Unorganized Territory of Saint Bibiana, USA.

Everything you read is fiction, because reality is far too complex to be condensed to the written word. Your authors call themselves Jamie Adel and Lisa Saunders, but for some reason there is no record of us existing before we started writing erotica.*

All fiction comes from someplace, right? The words you about to read -- if you aren't bright enough to run away from your screen screaming RIGHT NOW! -- are two old gals’ uniquely filtered remembrances of growing up in Missouri's bootheel just a stone's throw from Arkansas. We lived so close we had to cross the state line just to go to the grocery store. The characters while condensed aren’t actually embellished -- as hard as that is to believe -- they come from growing up in that magical place and time. Fictional B-S Island, is a synthesis of two places that we’ve lived and worked. Those islands were anonymized and moved north in return for generous cash donations those Caribbean nations reluctantly made to us to avoid our publicizing any connections with them. Our fictional island, sitting in Lake Erie between Bass Island, Ohio and Pele Island, Ontario is neither American nor Canadian being completely unwanted by both nations. The airlines depicted in our stories are mild embellishments of current and former employers. We can’t tell you who they really are, the old ones paid us off and the current one is safe from scrutiny unless they do something really stupid like fire one of us -- ah, job security -- priceless.

* We looked for records of each one of us being born in Pemiscot County Missouri, graduating from school in Blytheville Arkansas, and found nothing. The FAA has no record that George Saunders or Paul O'Connor received an A&P license, or that they, Jamie, Lisa, and Lillian Deveraux - O'Connor held an ATP. We can't even find a record of the Mississippi County Synod of the Pentecostal Church to verify that Eva Deveraux is an ordained Minister and the German Brethern church dissolved in 1962. Kristen Saunders' degree from the Cullinary Institute of Arkansas cannot be verified, nor can the residency of all seven in the Caribbean island nation of Santa Bibiana. It's all kinda spooky -- It's almost like we don't really exist. -- We looked for B-S island online but B-S came back with over a billion hits and we didn't have the energy to sort through them after spending the morning fucking each other silly -- and we are quite silly indeed --.