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2015-Oct-13 @ 5:55 AM
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Write general comments to the contributor here.

Please Remember:  The right to Freedom of Speech does not carry the proviso, "As long as it doesn't upset anyone."  The US Constitution does not grant you the right to not be offended.  If you don't like what someone's saying... IGNORE THEM.
Please don't be an asshole to me, because then I'll have to be an asshole to you... and I'm MUCH better at being an asshole than you are.

A central character in one of my stories repeatedly asks himself "Who am I as a god?" Writers are gods of their own little universes. So "Who am I as a writer?" Well, I offer mainly tales of adolescents, teens and young adults dealing with the wonders and terrors of entering the world of sex and love. While I do write some dark stories, I mostly write about people with an underlying sense of decency. I have been told that I'm generally nice to my characters... in the end.

Stylistically, I guess I come from the "educated redneck" school. I'm a small town guy with degrees from a couple middling colleges and a fair amount of theatrical experience. My rural roots often show through, though. There are many colorful characters in small towns, and little towns themselves often have a personality.

I have written under various pen names like ChasteChicken, BeyondThePale and EdgeOfMadness, but I'm most at home being WojoMartin. I'll be posting stories originally published under each of those names, but here I'll post them all under Wojo. They range from realistic fiction to urban fantasy to science fiction. I will create new stories as well.

I hope I bring something unique to the Pub.