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2015-Oct-13 @ 3:46 AM
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Post general comments to the contributor here.

Please Remember:  The right to Freedom of Speech does not carry the proviso, "As long as it doesn't upset anyone."  The US Constitution does not grant you the right to not be offended.  If you don't like what someone's saying... IGNORE THEM.
Never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

I present you with my efforts on poetry. Most of what I submit is work that has been created between 2000-2012. The simpler poems are likely the earlier ones.

The context of my work for the most part did not involve my personal life, merely my exploration of feelings I tried to emulate or understand.

I never tried to force my writings, they mostly occurred while I became bored or stressed. Occasionally at night (often when the brain decides to become most active... grrr) a brilliant poem, or at least a poem I thought worthwhile, would pester me until I wrote it down. I lost a few nights worth of sleep over these and other adventures.

All in all, I do hope you find a few poems interesting. Comments are welcome.