Chat Info & Rules

The Pub has closed its IRC chat room on It may, from time to time, be opened temporarily to hold a specially scheduled chat for a specific purpose.

At those times, you can use the following information to log on to the chat room:

If you do not have an IRC program, you may also access the chat room via our Java Chat applet, found here.

In Chat Now:

Reporting System is Down. We apologize for the Inconvenience.

Chat Topic:

General Chat

The Rules

The chat room rules are there to keep things friendly, and also to keep things coherent. You'll understand what we mean when you read some of the rules.

  1. Do Not Irk The Ops! - (pun intended). Do not aggravate, annoy, or otherwise piss off the channel ops. If you do, you will be kicked, then banned temporarily. If your behavior remains abusive, you will be banned permanently from the chat room. You'll know you've made an op mad when you are kicked with one of the following reasons: "DONITO", or "Violation of Rule 1!"
  2. NO L337 SP34K! - If you don't know what this is, count your blessings. If you DO know what this is, don't use it. Use of this pseudo-communication style will get you kicked without warning. Continued use will get you banned. The chat room language is English. It is rude and disrespectful of you to consistently speak any other language there, and doing so will have the aforementioned consequences.
  3. No Flaming - Do not become abusive or harrassing to the other chatters. There is a difference between lighthearted teasing and abuse, but if the target of the teasing is getting upset, you are required to stop, regardless of if you think they're being silly. Different people are sensitive to different subjects. If a person finds your teasing uncomfortable, it becomes flaming as soon as you're aware.
  4. No Fighting - There is no fighting or arguing in the chat room. Discussion, and even debate, are not fighting. It is the responsibility of the chat room op(s) to determine whether the current dialogue is a fight or not. If you are informed that your conversation is a fight, you are required to end the conversation immediately.
  5. No Proselytizing - The chat room is not designed for you to convert others to your beliefs. Discussion and explanation are allowed, but if people become offended, you need to stop. This covers religious and political discussion. You may explain your beliefs. You may discuss why you believe these things. Once the conversation becomes divided, you are bordering on arguing, and should end the discussion.
  6. No Idling Without Name Change - Do not sit idle in a room, not paying attention, without changing your name to reflect your away status. Our chat room is intended for those people who are actually interested in having a conversation, and if you are sitting there, for all appearances ready to converse, people will be annoyed when you do not respond. If you are caught idling in our chat room, you will be kicked.
  7. No Auto-Rejoin - Do not set your system to auto-rejoin if kicked. If we catch you doing this, it's a three-hour minimum ban. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  8. Ask Before PM'ing - Do not send someone a private message out of the blue unless you have a long-standing history with them, and know beyond a doubt they will not object. Any harassment through PMs reported to the channel ops will result in the same disciplinary action as if you had posted the harassment to the chat room. The briefest acceptable way to ask permission to PM someone is, "<name>, PM?", to which they will answer either Yes or No. If they answer No, you are NOT ALLOWED to PM them until they change their mind. Asking them over and over again in chat will be considered harassment.
  9. Say Good-bye When Leaving - Do you hang up on people without saying good-bye? Do you visit someone's house and then just walk out without a word? No, it's RUDE. Do not do such a thing in chat. It is possible someone is typing you a message, and if you leave without saying anything, they have no way to let you know that. If you do this, you will be kicked upon your next chat room join.
  10. Appeals Process If you have been banned, and you consider it to be unfair, you should submit your grievance to the site administration. Please note that any appeal will require you to turn in a log of the conversation that led to you being banned. Decisions of the admins are final.
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