About The Pub

Founded on December 4, 2006, The Mystic Wolf Pub was designed to be a community for creative expression through stories, poetry, artwork, and photography.

The Pub is not just a content warehouse. It's not a site designed for visitors to quickly go in and out, just grabbing the stories they want and leaving. It is designed to be a place where you want to "hang out", talk with the authors and artists, chat about day-to-day events, play a game, do a crossword, or browse the community recipe book. While The Pub is not, and will never be, a "portal" site, we wouldn't mind if you set us as your default web page in your browser...

The Pub was founded by Eric Storm (formerly known as Net Wolf), a long-time internet author and web programmer. He grew dissatisfied with his last home online, and so he felt it necessary to build a new one. (If you are curious about just what went on to cause the break between EWP and Eric, you can Go here.)

The Rules

There is a certain standard of behavior expected in The Pub. If you violate that standard often enough, you will be asked to leave. If and when you do violate the standard, expect to be rebuked harshly. We aren't going to tiptoe around the issue: if you screw up, we're going to call you to the carpet for it. The rules aren't that hard to follow, and here they are:

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